By Mackenzie Graham

The Greenhouse: Private Events Space Coming Soon!


The Greenhouse is Burgeon Beer’s upcoming space for Private Events, 2,100 square-foot Cold Box, office expansion, and more! Located in Suite A of our current building at 6350 Yarrow Drive in Carlsbad, CA, we are busy designing and constructing and intimate place to grow, gather, and celebrate.

Work-in-progress at Burgeon Beer company’s The Greenhouse

Check out the Q&A below from our interview with Brandon Hernandez, writer at The West Coaster.

Brandon: What is the square footage of Suite A and how do you plan to divide it up?

Suite A is 7,500 square feet of raw potential, and acquiring this additional space means so many things for Burgeon: more room for dry storage means that we have immediate access to a higher volume of the beautiful ingredients to brew more beer. We are steadfast in our drive to preserve the quality and integrity of our beer from the moment it’s packaged, so 2,500 square feet is committed to a new and completely custom cold-box to refrigerate our beer from the moment it’s packaged until it’s consumed. (We also require our accounts to cold-store Burgeon Beer so it’s at its peak when it gets to you.) 2,000 square feet will be dedicated to office space to accommodate our expanding team of talented individuals, and the remaining 1,200 will be used for private events.

Please explain plans for the private-event component that will be installed.

Our roots in the San Diego community run deep, and we will use this new addition to host private events including corporate gatherings & meetings, rehearsals, and Burgeon tasting events.

How much beer can be stored in the new cold box?

At 18-ft tall and 2,100 square feet, we’ll be able to store over 7,000 kegs in our new Cold Box.

Please explain the logistical/storage challenges that made acquiring Suite A so attractive.

We are so excited and so humbled to say that we have outgrown our original space — we are completely out of room to store the volume of beer that we’re producing. (Our friends over at Latitude 33 have been helping us out by renting us cold storage space while we waited for Suite A to open up.) We recently added two 60-barrel fermenters to our tank arsenal, as well as a new whirlpool and cold liquor tank. We need more space to help us produce more beer, both from operations, administrative, and storage perspectives.

Please share where Burgeon is currently in relation to its original business plan, as well as anything else that's on the horizon that you'd like to talk about.

Burgeon was established by three people with complementary, diverse backgrounds and one common goal: to produce the best beer we can make and get creative with it. Our vision came to fruition even faster than we expected, and we are thrilled that we hit our 7-year goal before we celebrated our Third Anniversary in January 2020.

Check out the full article by Brandon at this link, and follow along on Instagram for real-time updates about The Greenhouse!