By Mackenzie Graham

The Arbor: Burgeon's New Tasting Room and Kitchen

Coming 2021!

We have been fortunate to experience a state of continuous growth since we planted the seed for Burgeon Beer Company three years ago, blossoming through the support of our vibrant community in Carlsbad, California. As we enter this new decade, we are ecstatic to branch out across our home city to open our second tasting room in San Diego proper.

"The Arbor" will be a taproom and scratch kitchen situated on the south end of bustling Little Italy. Nestled on the ground floor of the beautiful new Savina building and a block from Santa Fe Depot and Waterfront Park, this location features every amenity we were looking for: easy access to public transportation with an adjacent parking lot, in a walkable neighborhood with a thriving food, arts, and culture scene.

We believe that there is a craft beer for everyone. By bringing independently and locally brewed craft beer to this new neighborhood at an accessible price point, it's our goal is to bring Burgeon beer close to home for our current fans in San Diego and connect with a new audience of craft beer drinkers.

The Experience

We're creating a transformative experience at The Arbor, designing a warm, inviting space layered from floor to ceiling with the signature lush greenery and gleaming cedar tables that adorn our Carlsbad headquarters.

Featuring roll-up doors and an abundance of windows, The Arbor will feel like an outdoor beer garden transported inside. The interior will capture the experience of looking up from the forest floor, and we'll utilize our 17-foot-tall ceilings to add depth and warmth with layers of greenery and accents of reclaimed wood. We want it to feel like you're relaxing with a beer under a lush, leafy canopy while warm, dappled light spills onto the top of sweeping communal tables. 

The word Burgeon, meaning "to grow," is at the root of everything we do and express through both our beer and the emotion conveyed in our interior spaces.

The Community

Burgeon's three owners were born and raised in San Diego. From inception, our mission has been to give back to our local community and promote environmentally sustainable practices, all while meticulously crafting a product of the highest quality made available to everyone. Through our offerings and engagement with the local community, we are now known as one of the most philanthropic breweries in San Diego.

We donated close to $50,000 last year alone through fundraisers ranging from pint nights benefiting local charities, schools, and families, to national charities and organizations. Through our 2019 Reclaim the Wild initiative and partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we planted over 25,000 trees in California's National Forests.

Additionally, we host multiple local charity events every month at our Carlsbad headquarters and plan to do the same at The Arbor. Our goal is to create the best beer in San Diego, but our hearts have always been focused on giving back to the people in the city we know and love. 

The Kitchen

We are cultivating a unique craft beer experience in The Arbor, complete with a locally-sourced menu curated in partnership with The Good Seed Food Company.

Chef Chuy is seasoned with years of experience curating beer and food pairings in Southern California. The Good Seed Food Company was the #1 candidate we selected to run the food component of The Arbor, and we could not be happier that he is bringing his talents to our team.

We're working closely with Chef Chuy to design a menu that pairs locally sourced and thoughtfully designed dishes with our core beers. Additionally, there will be a rotating seasonal menu that is shaped by current beer releases and seasonally fresh produce, seafood, and sustainably sourced protein. Our scratch kitchen will offer an abundance of organic, vegetarian, and vegan options, and everything on the menu will accentuate the beer drinking experience and vice versa. The model of a Scratch Kitchen allows us to reuse and repurpose many ingredients throughout our menu, supporting farm-to-table practices and sustainability.

By curating a menu that intentionally and creatively enhances both food and beer, we're shaping a unique tasting experience that reminds people what dining out should be.

The Arbor is scheduled to open at 1326 Kettner Boulevard in Spring 2021. Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our email list below for updates on this new tasting room.