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Our Ethos

Three core values form the pillars of our brand and the elements in the Burgeon logo: craft beer, community, and the environment. Our mission focuses on state-of-the-art beer that explores new frontiers of technique, flavor, and aroma. Deep roots symbolize the vibrant community we’ve cultivated since opening the brewery in 2016 and have grown with the addition of taprooms across San Diego. The rays in our logomark represent our commitment to protecting the environment and our profound love of the outdoors.

Home Grown

Burgeon was founded by three high school friends born and raised in San Diego. Their dream was to start a brewery that would serve their home city, represent their passion for the outdoors, and ultimately become known as the brewery of San Diego. The name Burgeon defines their commitment to dynamic growth through consistent learning, experimentation, and the elevation of their craft.

Everything we do starts with our people.

Burgeon is a team of committed individuals working together to craft a future through teamwork and the collective determination for unparalleled success. Our goal, from our interior spaces to our can designs and everything in between, is to create a vibrant and welcoming community that radiates positive energy from the inside out.

Our Impact

Our mission is to craft the best beer in San Diego, and our hearts are focused on local community outreach and environmentally sustainable practices.

In 2024, Burgeon became the first brewery to triple-certify through the world’s leading climate action labels: Climate Neutral, 1% for the Planet, and Ocean+Positive. We're proudly on the path to net zero carbon emissions and we work with high-impact partners to craft a bright future, one sip at a time.

  • Nature Calls!

    Folks, the planet is getting lit. That’s the bad news. The good news: so are we—for climate action, that is. Nature’s call is increasingly... uh... urgent... and Burgeon has responded by partnering with 1% for the Planet, Climate Neutral, and Ocean+Positive. They're good people, and carbon emissions’ worst nightmare. Crack open this collab IPA and take a sip. You'll see what that tastes like: change, baby, and this is only the beginning. We’re stoked that you’re along for the delicious ride.

    Find Nature Calls! available seasonally and look for the climate action logos on all Burgeon core beer & special release cans.

  • Reclaim the Sea

    Every pint of our Reclaim the Sea IPA collaboration with SeaTrees contributes to the restoration of California's carbon-sequestering kelp forests. Blue-carbon coastal ecosystems - like giant kelp and mangrove forests - are 5-10x more powerful than rainforests at pulling carbon out of the air, drawing it from the atmosphere, and storing it in the earth where it belongs.

    We’ve proudly planted over 2,500 square feet of kelp and 2,500 mangrove trees with SeaTrees and we’re just getting started!

  • Reclaim the Wild

    Through our 2019 Reclaim the Wild IPA initiative and partnership with the National Forest Foundation, Burgeon planted over 25,000 trees in California's National Forests. Drink a beer, plant a tree - that's our kind of climate action.

Burgeon With Us

We've built an epic community. The word Burgeon is at the root of everything we do and express through both our craft and the ever-growing relationships we form with the folks who share our love of delicious beer.

We fell in love with this craft and have made it our mission to brew the highest-quality beer there is.