Our Ethos

Three core values form the pillars of our brand and the elements in our logo: craft beer, community, and the environment. The focus of our mission is state-of-the-art beer that explores new frontiers of technique, flavor, and aroma. We have been able to branch out to our vibrant community across San Diego strengthened by our roots that were planted when we opened in 2016. The rays in our logomark represent our commitment to the environment and love of the outdoors.

Home Grown

Burgeon was founded by three high school friends who were born and raised in San Diego. Their dream was to start a brewery that would support the city they called home, represent their passion for the outdoors, and ultimately become known as the brewery of San Diego. They chose the name Burgeon because they wanted to continue growing not only in size, but also by consistently learning, experimenting, and elevating their craft.

Cold beer served with warm vibes.

Everything we do starts with our people.

Burgeon is a team of committed individuals working together to craft a future through teamwork and the collective passion for unparalleled success. We're serious about our craft but embrace the fun environment it was meant to create. Our goal, from our interior spaces to our can designs and everything in between, is to create a vibrant and welcoming community that radiates positive energy from the inside out.

We’re deeply committed to constantly growing, challenging the status quo, and pushing the boundaries of what craft beer can be.

Our Impact

Our goal is to create the best beer in San Diego, and our hearts are focused on giving back to the environment and the people in the city we know and love.

From inception, our mission has been to give back to our local community and promote environmentally sustainable practices, all while meticulously crafting a product of the highest quality. Through our offerings and engagement with our community, we are now known as one of the most philanthropic breweries in San Diego.

  • Reclaim the Sea

    Reclaim the Sea is our tree-planting IPA collaboration with SeaTrees where every pint sold goes to restoring California's carbon-sequestering kelp forests! Stacked with Citra, Strata, & Chinook, this hoppy & refreshing west coast IPA tastes as great as the positive impact it makes.

  • Why Kelp?

    'Blue-carbon' coastal ecosystems - like giant kelp forests - are 5-10x more powerful than rainforests at pulling carbon out of the air, drawing it from the atmosphere and storing it in the earth where it belongs. That's why we've partnered with SeaTrees to craft a beer to support their work restoring Southern California's kelp forests (and satisfy your taste buds while we're at it.)

  • Our Impact

    We planted over 2,500 square feet of kelp forest with the initial launch of Reclaim the Sea in July 2022, and that's only the beginning! In addition to a portion of proceeds donated to SeaTrees directly from the IPA, on-site Reclaim the Sea events as well as donation-matching events we're co-hosting with accounts across San Diego amplify the impact far beyond our initial goal.

  • About the Beer

    Since this underwater reforestation project focuses on SoCal's coastline, a West Coast IPA is the perfect stylistic fit for our impactful collab. Citra, Strata, & Chinook hops provide super bright and punchy aromas & flavors with loads of tropical goodness. Reclaim the Sea IPA is a seasonal release set to return annually. Follow us on social media for updates!

  • Reclaim the Wild

    Reclaim the Wild is our tree-planting IPA collaboration with the National Forest Foundation where every pint sold plants one tree in America's national forests! Loaded withCascade, Chinook & Citra, this hoppy & refreshing west coast IPA tastes as great as the positive impact it makes.

  • Our Impact

    Through our 2019 Reclaim the Wild initiative and partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we planted over 25,000 trees in California's National Forests. The tree planting didn't stop there - in addition to a portion of proceeds donated to directly from the IPA, we worked with our accounts across San Diego to co-host donation-matching events to amplify the impact far beyond our initial goal.

Burgeon With Us

We've built an epic community. The word Burgeon is at the root of everything we do and express through both our craft and the ever-growing relationships we form with the folks who share our love of delicious beer.

We fell in love with this craft and have made it our mission to brew the highest-quality beer there is.