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We're certified Ocean+Positive

We believe that businesses should lead the charge in response to the planet’s climate crises, and SeaTrees provides a solution for brands to take meaningful action by sequestering more carbon emissions than we create.

We are proudly the first brewery to earn the non-profit’s Ocean+Positive certification by committing to sequester the carbon dioxide we’ve previously emitted in parallel with reducing our current CO2 emissions. Guided by our values and the San Diego coastal lifestyle, we are eager to restore the ocean's blue-carbon ecosystems and supercharge its ability to reverse climate change.

  • Local Impact

    We support SeaTrees' Kelp Restoration work with the scientists at UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography to conduct scientific research on the best methods to restore the kelp forests of La Jolla and San Diego County.

  • Why Kelp?

    We've planted over 2,500 square feet of kelp forest along the coast of Southern California. 'Blue-carbon' coastal ecosystems - like giant kelp and mangrove forests - are 5-10x more powerful than rainforests at pulling carbon out of the air, drawing it from the atmosphere and storing it in the earth where it belongs.

  • Adios, Carbon Footprint!

    After measuring the cubic tons of carbon we emit in the process of brewing & serving Burgeon Beer, we compensated for our annual footprint through the purchase of SeaTrees Verra-certified carbon offsets from the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia.

  • Beyond Offsets

    This year, SeaTrees will plant an additional 3 mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya for each carbon credit Burgeon purchased, sequestering an additional 2,532 tons of CO2 beyond what was required to become Climate Neutral and Ocean+Positive.

From Burgeon's Founders

We're proud to partner with badass folks like SeaTrees who get down & dirty in blue carbon coastal ecosystems to plant & restore CO2-sucking flora in key areas across the globe. We throw them chunks o’ change to support their herculean efforts. WHY? Because we love them & they’re cool folks. BUT ALSO because 1% for the Planet & The Change Climate Project gave their projects a wholehearted stamp of approval, which means the dollars we donate go above & beyond neutrality. These partnerships put us on the journey to a net zero future and we are here for it - today, tomorrow, and forever.⁠

Hit play to learn more about our Ocean+Positive status from Burgeon co-founder and Director of Operations Derek van Leeuwen.

Growing the Movement

Burgeon's 2024 Nature Calls! project supported SeaTrees' efforts to join Climate Neutral. Since the collaboration's launch, the nonprofit has become an official carbon credit provider with their SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands and became Climate Neutral Certified themselves.

SeaTrees is now one of only two organizations that provide Climate Neutral approved carbon credits that also count towards 1% for the Planet commitments, and this has resulted in creating even more Ocean+Positive brands.