By Tori Bleher

Can Release: Keepin' It Real

The vibes were certainly high when we brewed this groovy west coast crusher! We were inspired by the retro beach aesthetic of a local beer & sando institution who shares our commitment to quality ingredients, keepin’ it simple, & KEEPIN’ IT REAL. This 6.2% westie’s got a whole rainbow of aromas & flavors that’ll hit your palate BIG on the first sip that come ‘atcha from colorfully dynamic heaps of Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, Simcoe, Chinook & NZ Cascade. PHEW. 😮‍💨 Keepin’ It Real drops at all our spots THIS Friday, 5/17! Grab a 4-pack & find out what the Secret Sauce inside this can is all about! 😉⁠