By Tori Bleher

Double Can Release: Tangled Bines & Lagoon View

🌿 HAZY IPA CAN RELEASE 5/12: Tangled Bines!⁠

This hazy climbs skyward with bright flavors of citrus, grapefruit, and lime, intertwined with big, bold fruitiness and berries and grounded with complex and bitter notes. Peacharine, a newer hop courtesy of our @freestylehops friends, Nelson and Citra spiral together to create this 6.5% juice bomb that blooms on Friday 5/12!⁠

COMING SOON: Lagoon View Double IPA! 🌾⁠

Lagoon View overflows with dynamic aromas and flavors thanks to heavy doses of HBC 586, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops. Still waters run deep, and this 8% robust westie delivers on that promise, with a balanced bitterness, hop-focused complexity, dank & fruity aromas, and a super refreshing finish.⁠ Wade out for this new beer drop on Friday, 5/12!⁠