By Tyler Small

Double Can Release: Pergola Italian Pilsner & Reclaim The Sea IPA!

What better way to celebrate the first Anniversary of our Little Italy location than to craft our FIRST-EVER Italian Pilsner! This celebratory #crispyboi was delicately hopped with Perle, Saphir, & Spalter Select to give you our fresh take on this traditional & refreshing style. It'll be available at the Burgeon at the Arbor Anniversary event on Saturday, July 23rd when the doors open at 11am, & you'll also be able to find it at all our spots.⁠

Arbor Anniversary Can Release 2: Reclaim the Sea IPA collaboration with Sea Trees!⁠

One of our MOST IMPACTFUL & absolutely delicious collab brews is coming your way on Saturday, July 23rd! Since Sea Trees does so much work along our beautiful SoCal coast, we thought it was only fair that we do what we do best & make a West Coast IPA to support their efforts to reverse climate change. If you missed the previous posts, every can & pint sold ANYWHERE of Reclaim the Sea will help them on their mission to restore carbon-sequestering giant kelp forests!⁠

We STACKED this one with Citra, Strata, & Chinook to bring you a refreshing & hoppy west coast IPA that tastes as great as the positive impact it makes. Stop by our Burgeon at the Arbor anniversary event to enjoy this #BeerForGood! We’ll see you on the 23rd!