By Tori Bleher

Double Can Release: Nature Calls! & Seven Wonders

Nature Calls!…And it’s URGENT! Our first anniversary release is our hopped-up collaboration with the best in the climate action movement, @Sea.Trees@thechangeclimateproject, & @1percentftp. This IPA serves as a super fresh & lupulin-loaded kick-off to all that we’ve committed to for 2024 and beyond!⁠

As first act of being trifecta-certified, we decided to brew a 4-way collaboration beer with our non-profit partners to make the rubber meet the road on our galvanized pursuit to squash emissions & get SERIOUS about going net zero.⁠

Dropping exclusively at our 7th Anniversary Invitational on Jan 20, Nature Calls! was brewed with several innovative ingredients, including Incognito, 702, and Subzero Hop Kief, allowing us to trial new practices in alignment with our emission reduction goals. Hyper-concentrated hop products result in less shipping, packaging waste, & increased brewing efficiency, meaning MORE BEER using less CO2. LFG brew team! 🔥⁠

This IPA will answer the call with BIG aromas & flavors coming ‘atcha from the menagerie of hop varieties dumped into this brew (there’s too many to list here–👀 the side of the can for the delicious deets).⁠

See you next Saturday as we get this party started on AND for planet earth! 🌎️⁠

7️⃣ years. 7️⃣ wonders. 7️⃣ hops. For anniversary release number two, we decided to pay homage to this beautiful spinning rock that we get to call home with seven of the best hops, in our opinion, including the original main character of American craft beer, Cascade. To top it off (your glass & this beer), we had to bring our new friend to the party, XPA, an international beer style that we have enjoyed experimenting with over the past year and y’all have certainly enjoyed drinking! With a balanced hop-forward character and lower ABV, Seven Wonders is one you’ll wanna sip on all invitational long! 🎉⁠

Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, HBC 586, Nelson, Strata, & lastly Cascade–the hop that started it all!⁠
Appearance: Yellow-colored pour, good clarity, medium foam with fair head retention and lacing⁠
Aroma: Starfruit, plum, currants, very vibrant⁠
Taste: Bright citrus and green apple, with a subtle acidic bitterness reminiscent of currant and lemon⁠
ABV: 5.1%⁠