By Tori Bleher

Double Can Release: Innerbloom & Reclaim the Sea

CAN RELEASE 4/14: Innerbloom Hazy IPA! 🏵️⁠
We asked the DJ to play that track again and he did–with a REMIX! This fresh new batch of Innerbloom features Strata & Luminosa, a brand new hop from our friends at @indiehops, giving this beer a bright & dimensional hop profile. Blasting with fruity notes, this can release will have you on your feet dancing to this sweet Burgeon beat on 4/14!⁠

🌊 FRIDAY CAN RELEASE 4/14: Reclaim the Sea IPA!⁠
In collaboration with our friends at @Sea.Trees, we brewed a West Coast IPA for our West Coast kelp forests! Reclaim the Sea flows at a steady 6.5% with Citra, Strata, & Chinook for a clean, refreshing, & crushable pint. Every sip sends a tide of bright, tropical flavors with ripe guava, sweet citrus, and light grapefruit, while also supporting regeneration of SoCal kelp forests–making this beer taste as great as the positive impact it makes! Paddle out for this sweet lineup next Friday, 4/14!