To apply please come in during tasting room hours with a cover letter, resume, a portfolio and/or a link to an online portfolio. Thank you!

Marketing and Events Manager

Position Title: Marketing and Events Manager
Position Status: Full-Time; Salary
Pay Rate: TBD

Position Summary:
The Marketing and Events Manager (MEM) will be responsible for and not limited to generating marketing strategies to increase brand exposure, creating social media content, posting on social media, reaching out to press outlets and influencers, creating new and managing existing Burgeon events. The marketing and events manager will focus on implementation and execution of promoting and growing the company’s outward-facing brand, through graphic and image creation and management, social media management, and event logistics and curation.

• Must be at least 21 years of age
• At least 2 years of marketing experience required
• Must have advanced photography experience
• Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Google Drive
• The MEM needs a strong knowledge of imaging programs, transfer methods and image manipulation.
• Qualified candidates will be required to present examples of their design work and/or social media content
• Knowledge of various social media platforms and their respective algorithms required
• Required knowledge of smart phones
• Must have video and editing experience
• Passion for craft beer and professional appearance required
• Must maintain friendly demeanor
• Ability to effectively communicate with customers
• Physical ability to lift up to 70 pounds
• Ability to stand, sit, bend or lift for extended periods of time
• Must be able to work weekends, evenings and some holidays
• Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and emergency situations in a swift manner
• Knowledge of craft beer styles and flavors

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Marketing:
• Generate all social media content
• Create and implement marketing strategies
• Post to feed every day
• Post multiple stories every day
• Create a posting schedule
• Help to tell the story behind day to day product sales through images and text
• Work with Influencers to generate traction
• Properly explain Burgeon’s story, philosophies and different beers to consumers and media outlets
• Create strategies aimed to increase tasting room traffic
• Handle public relations and media inquiries
• Consistently reach out to media outlets
• Manage and update Burgeon website
• Manage and respond to comments and questions on Burgeon Social Media accounts
• Create email campaigns
• Update media outlets with events and releases (SDBG, Rock and Roll Happy Hour etc.)
• Talk to media (Radio, TV, Magazine) as a brand ambassador of Burgeon
• Create unique ways for Burgeon to be introduced to new markets

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Events:
• Create a schedule of events
• The MEM will use critical thinking to create and manage Burgeon events (branch outings, anniversary, etc)
• Collaborate with third party companies on events (National Forest Foundation, REI, Hike for beer etc.)
• Manage, select and participate in beer festivals (in conjunction with other staff members)
• Schedule employees for festivals
• Manage employees at festivals
• Properly set up and break down festival equipment
• Represent Burgeon in a positive light
• Decorate Burgeon booth in a manner consistent with brand
• Properly educate potential customers on Burgeon’s story, philosophies and different beers

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Personal:
• Be a brand ambassador for Burgeon Beer at all times
• Have a thorough understanding of all product offerings
• Drink responsibly
• Report to Matthew Zirpolo
• Promote and represent Burgeon Beer Co. in a positive manner
• Respond to customer inquiries
• Stay up to date on all product offerings
• Communicate any escalated issues or grievances to supervisor
• Required to attend all mandatory staff meetings (unless absence has been excused)
• Other reasonable duties as assigned by company co-founders

• Burgeon beer has a very competitive health benefits package
• Burgeon beer, apparel and gear will be provided to employee

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is understood that the employee will also perform other reasonable related business duties if requested by immediate supervisor or co-founders. This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.